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Since he was a young boy, Murad Shuqom dreamed of emigrating to the United States to pursue his passion: automobile development and racing. His interest in this realm was first piqued while he was still a child, as he spent much of his free time watching the races featured on Formula 1.

As he grew older, Murad focused his energy on expanding his skill set, working on cars and learning their innermost workings. This determination aided him greatly when he made the transition to the United States, as he quickly landed a full-time position as a local mechanic. Before too long, he had impressed his superiors enough to rise through the ranks.

Eventually, Murad Shuqom used the experience he had accrued over the years to take the plunge into starting his own business. Now, he is serving as the Chief Racing Director for Dime Racing.

To learn more about Murad’s career and experience, be sure to visit his website.

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